Kigali, 3 February 1993
Prime Minister's Office
No. 29/02.2.1
Intelligence Service
His Excellency the Prime Minister
Your Excellency,
Forwarding the Minutes of the Meeting
I have the honour to send enclosed herewith the Minutes of the Ministerial Security
Council which you chaired yesterday in your office.
Please accept my profound respect.
Head of the Intelligence Service
Copy for information to:
His Excellency the President of the Republic
Honourable Minister for the Interior and Communal Development
Honourable Minister of Defence
Honourable Minister of Infonnation
The Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie
WS04-757 (E)

Present were:
His Excellency the Prime Minister, Dr. Dismas Nsengiyaremye, Chairman
The Minister of the Interior and Communal Development, Mr. Faustin Munyazesa,
The Minister of Information, Dr. Pascal Ndengejeho, Member
The Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie, Colonel Augustin Ndindiliyimana,
The Head of the Intelligence Service, Dr. Augustin Iyarnuernye, Rapporteur.
The aim of the meeting was to examine the evolution of the bloody events that have
occurred in the country recently, particularly in Gisenyi and Ruhengeri prdfictures in
order to take concrete steps to calm things down.
The meeting placed the source of the events on the demonstrations of MRND
and CDR parties which started on 19 December 1992 and for which the
organizers were overwhelmed by groups of people who appeared to have
received instructions to block the roads and who later attacked the Tutsi and
Hutu of MDR, PL and P SD parties. On top of it was the rising incident of
crime, but the actual genesis of the unrest was political: the population
showed that it had properly mastered the political propaganda of some parties
which were preaching the equation: "Tutsi = Inkotanyi" and "MDR, PSD, PL
= Inkotanyi Acolytes" and "Bagulishije igihugu " [They sold our country].
The human and material damage were very high: the number of people killed
and the displaced people differ depending on the sources, but it is within the
region of 250 in the first case and 2,800 for the second case. There are no
exact figures for properties destroyed or looted.
This imprecision as regards the number of victims and the material damage
stems from the fact that the communication had been interrupted: roads
blocked and telephones system disrupted.
Intervention of the authorities and the police:
- The local authorities, who had nonetheless authorized the demonstrations
with the roadblocks appeared to have been overwhelmed by the events
and, either by fear or by constraint (some Bourgmestres had been
sequestrated), they were all unable to stop the w e s t .
- Nevertheless, the intervention of the Minister of the Interior and
Communal Development, accompanied by the representative of the
WS04-757 (E)

Minister of Defence and the Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie
on 27 January 1993 in Gisenyi, helped to calm things down. Also, the
meetings of the Prget of Gisenyi with the population and the party
officials continue to calm people down.
- The gendarmes of the Gisenyi squad intervened first in the Kayove area
from 21 December 1992, and then the Chief of Staff of the National
Gendarmerie had to send those in Gitarama on 23 and the EGENA was
The intervention of the gendarmes was first of all not very effective
because of the small number and the lack of means of transport and
communication; it then became crucial, after some vehicles were
requisitioned and some reinforcements were sent from Kigali.
- On 28, the unrest had virtually stopped except for a few sporadic cases.
The tension was however continuing, that was why the contingent of the
Gendarmerie should be maintained.
Measures proposed to completely stop the unrest and to calm things down in
the area:
- At the political level, increasing the awareness of the population should
continue up to the level of the secteur.
- The gang Ieaders should simply be arrested and the criminals punished,
the political authorities should not interfere with the administration of
justice, nor should the administrative authorities hide behind the
Gendarmerie in order to shun their responsibilities.
- A systematic census of the people who have died or are missing and the
displaced should be carried out with the assistance of the Criminal
Investigations and Documentation Centre and the correct figures should be
made available as soon as possible.
- A politico-administrative commission should determine the genesis of the
events, establish the responsibilities and the shortcomings of the local
authorities and the security services, assess the effectiveness of the
measures taken and possibly propose more efficient ones and report. This
commission is made up of the following people:
Mr. Laurent Kanyanrbira, Technical Adviser at the Ministry of the
Interior and Communal Development;
Major Venant Hategekimana, Officer of the Rwandan Armed
Forces, c/o Ministry of Defence;
WS04-757 (E)

Mr. Laurent Rebero, Adviser at the Ministry of Justice in charge of
Administrative and Political Affairs;
Mr. Athanase Munyemana, Director in the Prime Minister's Office;
Mr. Norbert Muhaturukundo, Director at the Ministry of
- The Ministry of Transport and Communication should
requisition about 10 vehicles to transport the members of the
commission and the team appointed to take census of the victims,
and also to reinforce the means of the Office of the Public
Prosecutor in Ruhengeri, Gisenyi and Kibuye. It is also necessary
to point out that the prget of Kibuye does not have a means of
transport to go to the Rutsiro commune.
- As regards the return of the displaced people to their home, the
meeting categorically dismisses the insinuations of those who
claim to link the fate of those people to those people in the areas
occupied b y the Inkotanyi. The meeting requests the c haxitable
organizations to give them the necessary assistance and requests
the local authorities to resettle them in their properties as soon as
peace shall be restored.
- Finally, the meeting would like to express its gratitude to the
National Gendarmerie for its good behaviour generally and in
particular, for its behaviour when it intervened in the area of the
unrest. The gendarmes are requested to remain vigilant and
worthy of the confidence of the population.
Done at Kigali on 3 February 1993
Dr. Augustin Iyamuremye
Head of the Intelligence Service
Rapwrteur of the Meeting
WSM-757 (E)